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Who are we?

We are a SEBI registered investment advisor (RIA INA000004500) providing high quality financial advisory services and an online mutual fund investment platform where investors can invest in a range of financial products. We aim to provide a guided, seamless, and paperless investment experience to our clients. With the use of smart algorithms to profile clients, we suggest the best investment opportunities suited to the investors’ personas.

Moneyfront is a brand owned by MoneyMap Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Niyogin Fintech Ltd., a listed entity, owns 50.01% stake in MoneyMap Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

One-stop shop for all investments needs

Understanding the diverse needs of investors across the country, we offer a wide range of investment products to our customers.

The foremost of our products is the Direct Investment Plan for mutual funds. These provide substantial saving on expenses that get paid out to mutual fund distributors in the form of distribution costs, trail fees, commissions, etc. The lesser expense ratio in Direct Plans yield higher returns annually and the compounding effect of these savings makes a significant impact on your returns! Our one-click switch to Direct Plans allows our customers to switch from their existing portfolio of Regular Plans to direct plan mutual funds, and earn higher returns.

Among our other investment opportunities, investors can choose from corporate fixed deposits, NPS, Bonds, Instacash, and more. Investors who wish to explore cross-border investment options can benefit from our international stock trading services that give them access to trade in 125 countries. For those with bigger appetites, our offerings include AIF and PMS. For HNI’s we provide recommendations for optimising return on investments by periodically analysing and reviewing investment portfolios and related financial goals.

We also offer solutions to corporates who want efficient management of their corporate treasury and working capital requirements.

Our B2B vertical caters to companies who want to run their own wealth management platforms by offering white label solutions.

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The story behind

The idea of MoneyMap was conceived in the summer of 2015 by three school friends - Mohit Gang, Anil Bang, & Puneet Mehta. All three were working in different companies, yet put their heads together, combined their passion for investments and markets, and eventually partnered together. To build a paperless platform, they signed the papers [pun intended, formed the financial

consulting company, began defining the various financial advisory services, and coded the product over unlimited cups of coffee. After registering with SEBI as good law-abiding citizens, they acquired their first customer in September, 2016 (cheers). Since then, they have served XXXX investors and are managing an AUM of xxxx.

Our Beliefs.

Moneyfront believes in the philosophy that a ‘Happy client is your best advocate.’ Our priority is, thus, helping you become so financially secure that you forget it’s payday!

We want to help our customers attract an abundance of money into their life and, in the process, become their comrades.

Build the millionaire mindset – this is the mantra that our team abides by while servicing the client. Anyone can help with how to open a mutual fund account, or anyone can suggest avenues for investments, but we believe in reshaping the manner in which investors approach their money and life. If this structural shift in their outlook is achieved, we know we have triumphed.

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.

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