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Corporate Treasury

liquidity managemnetImproved liquidity management
higher returnsHigher returns from idle cash
enhance cash managementFocus on enhancing cash management processes
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Why Corporate Treasury?

Typically, most businesses tend to keep money idle in a current account when working capital is not required, which fetches zero returns — or they park funds in short term bank deposits where the interest rates are abysmal. However, the best case scenario would be to optimize the returns from the company’s liquidity and mitigate liquidity risk, isn’t it? Since volumes are high, even a miniscule change in the rate of return can provide huge monetary value to companies.

Apart from maximizing returns from idle funds, a crucial aspect of corporate treasury is liquidity management to ensure that the company doesn’t face cash crunch in the business cycle.

Plus investing in short term instruments allows healthy use of excess cash thereby further boosting reserves. Along with managing liquidity a crucial aspect of corporate treasury is to manage risks, tax etc. Also by studying cash flow rhythm, corporate treasury department plans for any adhoc requirements of cash that may arise.

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Benefits of Corporate Treasury Management

cash flow

Robust cash flow ensures that management can focus on more crucial aspects of business

idle cash

Enhanced returns from idle cash further adds to working capital

management of cash flow

Sound management of cash flow ensures longevity of any business

Why Moneyfront as your Corporate Treasury Manager?

MoneyFront is an investment platform that offers financial advisory services to its clients. We have a client-centric model where our top priority is to provide structured advice in all the core areas of treasury. We have devised effective debt laddering strategies to plan cash flows perfectly in sync with business requirements, and to park any surplus in various short-term debt instruments to amplify returns. We take utmost care to ensure that the credit quality of debt instruments is of the highest order, and we accord highest importance to good quality, liquidity, and returns, in that order.

We help our clients by cutting their costs, improving their cash flow and reducing their investment risks. Our team strives to deliver high-quality tailored wealth services to the clients. With us, you can find help with cash management, risk management, credit quality across various debt market instruments based on business requirements and cash flow patterns which can vary from overnight, liquid, ultra short, money market, low duration funds to corporate deposits, bonds, and inter-corporate deposits (ICDs).

For us, the client comes first, so we work with uncompromising integrity and with the aim to build long-term working relationships.

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We look forward to competently supporting you in managing your financial goals and in mitigating your risks.

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