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utilize idle cashSmarter alternative to utilize idle cash
no penaltyNo penalty on redemption post 7 day period
anytime redemptionRedemption option available 24x7 with money crediting within minutes
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How to invest in Instacash using Moneyfront

Moneyfront deposits the investors’ funds in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund [G] – Direct Plan. With a minimum amount of INR 1,000 the investor can invest their spare or unused funds in this scheme. The principal amount will be at low risk and investments are primarily made in money market and debt instruments.

What is InstaCash?

A commonplace practice is to park surplus funds in a Bank Fixed Deposit, while funds for daily/monthly activities are placed in savings/current accounts. However, there is an alternative that could provide higher returns with similar flexibility than that of Fixed Deposits – investing in liquid mutual funds i.e InstaCash.

Liquid mutual funds are that category of mutual funds that invest in debt instruments – for e.g. Commercial Papers, Treasury Bills, Government Securities, etc. These investments are short term in nature and can be withdrawn without any difficulty, which is why they are also called insta redemption funds.

While FD’s might call for a penalty if withdrawn prematurely, liquid funds can be redeemed without attracting any penalty in the form of an exit load if withdrawn after a mere 7-day period. If withdrawn before 7 days, a small amount of exit load is levied.

When it comes to taxation of this form of investment, if held for more than 3 years, they are eligible for long term capital gains with indexation. If redeemed before 3 years, tax is applicable as per investors tax slab. In case the investor opts for dividend option, the fund would be subject to a dividend distribution tax.

Money lying idle in savings account? Earn higher returns from it.

Benefits of InstaCash?

Insta Redemption

Investors’ money gets credited back to bank account within a few minutes of redemption 24x7, i.e. even on Sundays/holidays.

Higher Returns

Higher returns on the invested amount

no lock in period

No lock-in period, hence no exit load/penalty on withdrawal after a 7-day period

tax benefits

Taxation benefits with InstaCash outweigh those of Fixed Deposits

safeguard against inflation

InstaCash / Investing in Liquid funds could most likely safeguard the investor against inflation