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invest in international stocksInvest in International Stock Markets
high returnsIncrease in prospects of generating high returns
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What is international stock trading?

International stock trading entails investing in international stock markets and in companies that offer noteworthy earnings potential while helping diversify your robust stock portfolio.

Common understanding of diversifying a portfolio refers to ensuring ones investments are spread across asset classes, namely, large, mid and small cap within the Indian Market. However, investing opportunities these days are not limited by geographical boundaries anymore. Internet, social media, and other such technological means have made information easily accessible. Investors are more aware of the state of economies of various nations and wish to tap into the financial successes of

such countries. Investing in international markets is an attraction to the new age investor as it helps expand the horizons of one’s portfolio.

While investing in foreign shares or international stocks can call for more risk assessment, it also promises the opportunity of higher returns. However, international stock trading requires active involvement on the part of the investor, as they need to study the market conditions from a macro and micro perspective constantly to safeguard their investments. Alternatively, many investors prefer working closely with international investment experts to maximise their returns.

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Benefits of International stock market trading


Aids in building a more balanced, diversified, and healthy portfolio.

Access to new Assets

Opens access to investing in some of the world’s biggest companies.

higher returns

Offers an opportunity for better returns.

favour of the investor

Variations in economic cycles of different international markets work in favour of the investor.

Looking to give a boost to your portfolio? Explore International Markets

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Why invest in international stocks via Moneyfront?

Moneyfront’s primary objective is to maximise portfolio returns and help get the investor on to a financial growth trajectory. International stocks can play a key role in achieving this objective. Moneyfront, In association with Interactive Stock Brokers, is offering a platform that will present research and analysis on the economic standpoint of the country, political scenarios, currency alterations impact, tax efficiency, etc. that will impact returns from international stock trading.

As an international stock trading platform, it will offer access to invest in 125 countries, following the parameters within the LRS route permitted by RBI.